October News
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Sunday, October 01, 2017
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October News


Dear Church Hill Elementary Parents/Guardians:

   Welcome to Fall! As cooler weather approaches, please make sure that your child's name is in his or her jacket, so that if it gets lost or misplaced it can be returned.  Attendance continues to be a priority, so please remember to continue healthy habits in order to reduce the chances of your child becoming sick.  If any of your emergency contact information has changed, please send the updated information to your child's teacher so that we can reach you should the need arise.
   This year, we are excited to be having our second annual Fall Festival. It will be on November 9 from 5:30 to 8:30. Come out and enjoy all kinds of fun activities. More information will be sent home later this month.

Our Fall Break is October 9th through the 13th.  Enjoy the cooler temperatures and stay safe!


Hope Malone, Principal


**Important Notice: If there is a change in the way your child goes home, please call the office BEFORE 2:00. This will ensure that we are able to get the information to your child before school is dismissed. **

 ***The school fundraiser ended September 19th. If you have not turned in your candy or money, please do so immediately. Thank you. ***

Class Notes:

Kindergarten: The Fall season is in full swing with a variety of learning opportunities in Kindergarten. Reading will focus on letter identification, sounds, and book elements (author, illustrator). We will discuss the setting in a story and answer questions about where the story takes place. The students are still working on writing their first name correctly. We are continuing to learn about nouns and verbs. Math will lead us through counting to 50, counting forward from a given number, and number recognition 6-10. We will begin a study of 2D (flat shapes) and 3D shapes. We are learning all about our community and economics in Social Studies. Science will move into a study of the Fall season and pumpkins. Kindergarten hopes to go on a field trip in October. Information regarding the trip will be sent home later in your child’s folder. As the cooler weather approaches, please make sure you label your child’s jacket/coat so it can be easily identified. Reminder, we are on Fall Break the week of October 9-13. We hope our Kindergarten students and their families have a great Fall Break.

First grade: Wow! The first nine-weeks has flown by in the first grade. We hope you are seeing your children become more independent and taking on more responsibility for their academics. We will continue to work on addition, subtraction, and number sense (identifying numbers, their value, and what goes before or after that number) Please continue to practice writing /saying numbers to 120 and memorizing addition facts to 10. Reading continues to work on finding character traits, setting, and main idea in all that we read. Read! Read! Read! Students in the first grade are having their first experience with AR (Accelerated Reader). This is a program where students read books and take tests online to work on meeting their individualized goals for points, book level, and percent correct. Each nine weeks we will have a celebration for students who have met their goals in math and reading. Students who have met their AR goal all four nine-weeks will be allowed to go on a reward field trip at the end of the year. We have a first grade field trip scheduled for November 16th to see the play, “Pete the Cat.” Tickets are limited to students only but parents are welcome to join us at Derrick Park afterwards for a picnic lunch. We will send a permission slip home after fall break.

Second grade: We are so excited for October and fall!! The students have been working in small groups building comprehension, vocabulary, and grammar skills. We have also been working on narrative writing. We are helping the students to write a topic sentence and write with as much detail and information as possible and end with a closing sentence. Please work on writing at home by encouraging your child to keep a journal. Please review basic addition and subtraction facts with your child. Your child has been working on place value in math. We are excited to begin our study on animals and their habitats in science! Remember to keep reading each night to help your child become a more fluent reader. Each nine weeks the A.R. goal starts over so help them to reach their goal by reading with them. We had a great time at Brooks Farm on the field trip. We are very proud of our students for their excellent behavior on the trip!

Third Graders: Happy Fall! This month in math we will begin our unit on understanding multiplication. We will begin with counting equal groups, relating addition and multiplication, skip count on a number line, and discussing arrays. We will continue to have our weekly multiplication fact quizzes. Please remember homework is sent home on Monday and due on Friday. Your child may send it in sooner if they would like. Third graders did a great job during their novel study of The BFG. During the month of October, we will focus on nonfiction texts. We will also shift our writing focus to informative pieces. Lastly, please study spelling words with your child nightly. Students keep the individualized lists for two weeks, testing during the second week. Make sure that students understand the spelling patterns within their list. We will have another novel study in November. Stay tuned for details…

Fourth Grade: We have a fun filled month planned! In math, we will be learning how to divide whole numbers up to 4 digits by a 1 digit number, with and without remainders. In science, we will be discovering changes in matter, energy, light, force & motion, magnets, and circuits! We have many hands-on experiments and labs we will be completing this month! In, ELA we will be working on writing and reading exciting plays, poems, and stories. In Social Studies, our main focus of learning with be Colonial America. Thank you to those who have volunteered to help with our Chemistry Day Trip by sending in items, volunteering to serve, and chaperoning. We couldn’t do it without you! Remember, permission slips & payment are due October 6th. Also, be on the lookout for information regarding our Halloween Party! **Continue to send in items for the Hawkins County Animal Shelter and for our Fall Festival Baskets! Thank you for your support!

Library: Thank you to the volunteers who helped at this year’s book fair. I appreciate your willingness to help the students and making the book fair a great success! Thank you to everyone who came by to visit the book fair. It was great meeting you. Money from the book fair will go to purchase books and items for the library for all students to utilize.

Physical Education: This month all students will continue working on the skill-themed model (i.e. throwing, striking with and without implements, volleying, etc.) Students will also be participating in many cooperative activities as well.   ***Please remember that students are required to have well fitted, rubber soled shoes for participation in class. Flip-flops, sandals, dress shoes or boots with a heel are not safe for P.E. activities. **

Music: The 4th grade is hard at work preparing songs for our Fall Festival! They will be performing a few Fall selections right before the fall festival starts on November 9th. I'm so excited for them to share what they've been working on so be sure to mark your calendars because you won't want to miss it!

Art: Can you believe that 9 weeks is almost gone?! I sure can’t. The creative juices are flowing, and we are cranking out some masterpieces! Report cards will be coming home soon. If your child comes to class ready to create, follow the directions given and completes the art task, they will receive an S as a grade. If they receive a U for unsatisfactory, that means one or more of the following: either they didn’t complete any or few of the tasks given due to excessive talking or goofing off or deliberately not following given directions. Grades given are not based on ability but effort given. Happy creating!

Upcoming Events

October 9 - 13 – Fall Break. No school.

October 18 – School Pictures

Remember to keep bringing in your BOX TOPS!!!!!!!!!!

Every Day Counts! Be here! Be on time!


     Panthers R.O.A.R. : Respect, On-Task, A+ Attitude, Responsible




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