panther pledge


Mission Statement

The mission of Church Hill Elementary School, in partnership with all stakeholders, is to promote high expectations and strong foundations in order to achieve excellence in education, and as you know EXCELLENCE, isn’t CLAIMED, it’s EARNED.

Church Hill Elementary exemplifies:

     C ollaboration

     H igh Expectations

     E xcellence in Education

     S trong Foundations


Vision Statement

The vision of Church Hill Elementary School is to effectively educate our students in partnership with parents, teachers, and community members. Through the use of research-based strategies, teamwork, and technology, we will develop lifelong learners who are confident, competent, contributing members of society.



At Church Hill Elementary, we believe…

· Attendance is necessary for learning to take place.

· Communication between students, parents, and teachers is essential.

· Self-esteem is enhanced by positive relationships and mutual respect among and between students and staff.

· Research-based strategies should drive our curriculum.

· High expectations promote high achievement.

· Strong foundations in basic skills are essential for lifelong learning.

· Teachers, staff, parents, students, and community must share in the responsibility of developing productive citizens.

· All staff members, teaching and non-teaching will share in the responsibility of fostering a safe and nurturing environment.

· Collaboration between staff and stakeholders creates unity to achieve our common goals.

· Celebrations strengthen self-confidence and encourage students to excel.